After a woman called police in Saanich, British Columbia, to report a possible break-in, multiple units were sent to set up a containment around the scene.

However, upon closer inspection of the homeowner's garage, which had been accidentally left open, it became apparent that the only thing missing was a box of BBQ-flavored chips. A police K9 was brought in to track down the "BBQ Chip Bandits" by following a trail of crumbs left behind.

Two intoxicated females university students aged 22 and 24 were ultimately apprehended and charged with breaking and entering. "It appears the effervescent chips seen shimmering in the moonlight were too yummy to pass up when you have the munchies," said the police in a statement.

Sgt. Dean Jantzen said he didn't expect the girls would do hard time for their snack-based burglary. "These are first-time chip offenders," he told reporters.

[video via Tastefully Offensive]