Christina Das, a 19-year-old resident of Rochester, N.Y., suffered broken ankles and broken wrist when she fell from a light pole at a Phish concert on Sunday. Shockingly, she was "under the influence of something," such as, possibly, good vibes. Also, she was naked.

At about 9:30 p.m. Sunday State Park Police responded to the Victoria Mall parking area - near the Victoria Pool - where a naked woman had climbed up one of the 25-feet-tall temporary light posts.

When officers arrived, State Parks Spokesperson Sally Drake said "they observed the woman step off the light." Drake said the woman appeared to have been under the influence of a substance yet-to-be-identified.

The woman, identified as 19-year-old Christina Das of Rochester, sustained two broken ankles and a broken wrist in the fall and was in stable condition as of Monday afternoon. Drake said it is unknown at this point whether charges will be filed against Das.

Das joins a long and noble history of Phish fans falling around 25 feet, following in the footsteps of "Luke," the guy who fell at the Jones Beach Phish concert in 2010. A search of Phish fan message board turned up no threads about Das, but we did uncover a thread called "who is the most significant gay in the histo" in which the first three suggestions are Michelangelo, Jesus and Allen Ginsberg.

[Saratogian, Times Union, image of 2009 concert via AP]