The Telegraph reports that a group of nerds from the University of Leicester have ruined Batman for a different, much larger group of nerds by proving with "science" that Batman couldn't have used his cape to glide from the tops of tall buildings, as he is often depicted doing in non-documentary films and television shows.

Or, anyway, he could have glided from the tops of tall buildings, but he would have plummeted to the ground for a fatal landing immediately afterwards.

The paper, titled "Trajectory of a Falling Batman" was published in the University of Leicester Journal of Special Physics Topics [and Debbie Downers].

In an interview published on the university's Physics department website, David Marshall, the paper's lead author, explains that he and his colleagues determined that Batman's 15ft cape would enable him to travel 350m (1148 ft) through the air after jumping off a 150m (492 ft) building. After sailing for a few seconds over Gotham City, Batman would slam into the ground at a speed of approximately 50 miles per hour, and die.

Then, while all the nerds were crying, Marshall commended his team of dream crushers on their excellent application of physics principles and teamwork:

This research may not be ground-breaking, but the process of producing the paper improved many skills which are important for any physicist such as problem solving, written communication, and team work.

Congratulations, tool.

[Telegraph / University of Leicester // Image via Getty]