Meet Gretchen Hamel, executive director of conservative "education advocacy group" Public Notice. You might recognize her from Fox News, where she's a frequent guest, or from some of the op-eds she's authored over the years.

Or, a tipster tells us, you might recognize her as the horrible boss who pantsed one of her employees in this letter to Slate's "Dear Prudence" advice column.

According to our tipster, "the small nonprofit" is Public Notice, and the president in question is Hamel, who founded the organization (said to be funded by the infamous Koch brothers) in 2010:

I work at a small nonprofit of about 20 people, most of whom are under age 35. Our president is a big personality and often tries to treat employees as friends, whether they like it or not. She makes jokes that are highly inappropriate and she bullies our more timid employees. Last week she took things to a whole new level. In an attempt to scare a female employee who's been the victim of some of her bullying, she snuck up behind her and planned to give the employee a soft tug on her skirt. What actually happened was that the employee's skirt came off her waist and exposed her underwear. Immediately afterward the president repeatedly told the depantsed employee "not to tell anyone." The employee did go to speak to a high-ranking executive officer about this and the bullying. Later that day the executive went into the president's office and, leaving the door open so we could all hear, casually brought it up. The president has profusely apologized to the employee, but as far as anyone can tell she has received no disciplinary action. Would it be wrong to tattle about something that didn't happen to me? Or should I just butt out of what is not my business?

-Caught With My Pants Down at Work

The response holds that "someone who strips her subordinates... should be stripped of her duties," but isn't pantsing (skirtsing?) a great team-building exercise? Besides, Hamel used to be a Bush administration flack, so you know she learned her management style from the very best.

Emails to Public Notice and Dear Prudence's Emily Yoffe were not returned.


Alas: no more pantsing at Public Notice. A spokesperson emails: "This was an unfortunate incident. It has been addressed." More like it was un-dressed! Ha-cha!