Members of a North Korean band founded by the country's young tyrant Kim Jong Un danced on stage in costumes resembling familiar Disney characters during a performance aired on state TV.

Moranbong band members dressed as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, and others played traditional folks songs while scenes from Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast and Snow White were shown behind them.

While this is the first time Disney imagery has been displayed prominently during a high-profile performance, experts are unclear on the significance with respect to North Korea's future interactions with the West. State media made vague reference to Kim's "grandiose plan to bring about a dramatic turn in the field of literature and arts this year," but did not elaborate.

Disney characters have been spotted on various items for children imported from China in recent years. However, The Walt Disney Company made it clear that it did not authorize the use of its characters for the North Korean concert.

It should also be noted that North Korea's report on the show did not name the origin of the characters, and none of songs performed were borrowed from Disney's repertoire.

[photo, video via AP]