Via a woman named Laverna from Twin Falls, Idaho. [Sic]'d:

I can't imagine anyone hating Ann Curry They probably only knew her from NBC and not personally. I don't either. I sure think she got the shaft. Nobody has ever told me why she got fired other than people hated her. Not a reason. I suggest you replace that skirt chasing Matt with Ann and make her co-host Lester Holt. Maybe the reason you fired Ann was because she wouldn't take part in the little Payton Place that was going on. You don't ave to be beautiful to be a good reporter. I noticed that when you wanted anyone to go abroad and report, Ann was the one to go. I never have seen Matt going anywhere except on some good trip for his pleasure. Namely, Where In The World Is Matt Lauer. By the way, I saw a picture of Natalie's son and he is a dead ringer for Matt. Wonder why? To continue, please get rid of Kathy Lee. She makes me ill. It started out with Hoda and Kathy Lee and now I see it is Kathy Lee and Hoda. What happened? I have nothing against Savannah Guthrie but I believe Ann should have kept her job inasmuch as she had more experience and as far as I know and am concerned, she did a good job on both Today and Dateline. Ann, you have my vote!