A 24-year-old Detroit woman was reportedly killed after the gun of an off-duty police officer accidentally discharged as she was hugging him, puncturing her lung and heart.

The death is being called a "freak accident," but Adaisha Miller's mother Yolanda McNair is demanding to know exactly what happened to cause the early Sunday morning shooting. "Instead of giving her a [birthday] party this week, I'm planning her obituary and funeral," said McNair.

According to the official police report, Miller was attending a party hosted at the unnamed patrolman's home and was shot as she embraced him from behind, But McNair said she was told the shooting occurred during a "flirty" face-to-face hug.

Detroit Police Officers Association attorney John Goldpaugh offered yet another version of events: The .40-caliber Smith & Wesson semiautomatic pistol, holstered inside the veteran cop's waistband, went off when Miller tugged at the officer's waist as he was dancing with his wife.

Goldpaugh said the man didn't know Miller.

Internal Affairs will be conducting an investigation into the incident, as will the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office. One of the questions McNair wants answered: "Why do you need a weapon with a round in the chamber [at a party]?"

[screengrab via WDIV]