Plenty of heartbreaking yelps and yips can be heard throughout the post-apocalyptic compound of Detroit rapper Young Calicoe as he callously introduces seemingly malnourished caged pitbulls as his "fighting dogs."

There is also a strong suggestion that roosters kept on the premises are also being used for the purposes of staging cock fights. One of them is introduced as "Grand Champion."

On Twitter, Calicoe appeared to claim that he was being facetious about holding dog fights. "If u find a video of me 'FIGHTING DOGS' PLEEEEZE LET ME KNO," he tweeted last night. "Please tell me you dont have one?!" responded a follower, to which Calicoe replied, "HELL NAAAW."

A few commenters have pointed out that the canines shown in the video do not appear to be "fighting dogs," as their ears and tails have not been clipped. Still, the consensus seems to be that the animals in Calicoe's backyard "zoo" are clearly being mistreated and should be taken away.

UPDATE: MTV sends over this correction: "I'm not sure which show it's referring to, but it's definitely not Cribs and MTV had nothing to do with it in any way." Noted.

[H/T: Reddit]