New York's 2nd Avenue Deli will be allowed to continue selling its "Instant Heart Attack" sandwich thanks to a Manhattan judge who ruled against a copyright infringement claim by infamous Las Vegas illness-monger The Heart Attack Grill.

After the 2nd Ave Deli received a cease and desist from the Heart Attack Grill — once a Phoenix-based chain, but now a single establishment in the Sin City — over the questionably named sandwich which consists of half-a-pound of Corned Beef, Pastrami, Turkey or Salami between two large potato pancakes, the deli filed a lawsuit to settle the matter.

"We feel that we've been vindicated," owner Jeremy Lebewohl told the Daily News. "We're doing what we've always done, what we do best, selling sandwiches."

In addition to the Instant Heart Attack, the deli will also be permitted to sell a new artery-clogging concoction called the "Triple Bypass" which contains "everything but the kitchen sink."

The ruling does come with a caveat: Neither sandwich can be marketed outside Manhattan.

The Heart Attack Grill — whose slogan is "Taste Worth Dying For" — made headlines earlier this year when a customer suffered a real-life heart attack while consuming the restaurant's "triple bypass burger."

[photos via 2nd Ave Deli, AP]