There are a lot of similarities between the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce and the Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman divorce: the age 33, the custody battle, the allegation that it was a sham marriage to begin with. But listen, Nicole Kidman doesn't want to talk about it.

According to various insider-y sources, Kidman "does not want to be dragged into this or say anything." It's unclear how she could actually be dragged into anything, though chances are most people just want her to say something along the lines of, "Serves the bastard right."

When Cruise filed for divorce in 2001, he took Kidman by surprise — which is why Holmes' speedy escape from her husband feels a little like revenge. And Cruise ended up with custody of their children Isabella and Connor. Holmes is currently trying to get sole custody of Suri.

But Kidman isn't going to break her silence any time soon, and she doesn't have much insight into the twisted mind of Tom Cruise. At least, not according to Radar Online's insider source.

Nicole won't talk, wants her privacy, wants to be left out of this and [she and Cruise] don't speak much. Communication between her and Tom is very limited.

The sources say that Kidman is actually avoiding her friends so that she won't have to talk about the Cruise-Holmes divorce — but you'd think her real friends would know better than to ask her anyway. Then again, the friends who feel shunned are the same ones who are reporting this to online tabloids.

More history repeating itself: Cruise is once again being represented by attorney Dennis Wasser. But let's be grateful this divorce isn't a total carbon copy of the last one — we didn't have to endure a TomKat reboot of Eyes Wide Shut.

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