Sadly, no amount of jail time will bring back Viper the police dog, who died when he bit into a package of cocaine. But it still feels like justice is being served — the North Carolina man responsible has been sentenced to 11 years in jail.

Of course, Jamie Gonzalez-Lopez actually pleaded guilty to a number of drug charges, not police dog homicide. Poor Viper was just an unintended victim in all of this.

Back in July of 2011, Gonzalez-Lopez ordered a kilo of cocaine, which he hid in a field. Viper the drug-sniffing police dog found it but made the fatal mistake of biting the package and shaking it, accidentally OD-ing on its contents.

It's a sad story made that much sadder by the fact that Viper was just doing his job — and probably giving in to his canine instincts. (Bite. Shake.) One wonders if the dog's death was considered in Gonzalez-Lopez's sentencing. After all, it's always sadder when an animal dies.

How's this for a bittersweet ending? Over 200 people showed up at Viper's memorial service.

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