Authorities say a Florida teen shot himself in the forehead while under the effects of magic mushrooms because he thought he was dreaming and wanted to wake up.

17-year-old Steve Tilbury managed to survive the gunshot and was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to extract the bullet from his forehead.

The teen claimed he fell asleep shortly after he and his friends consumed mushrooms and, when he awoke, "it felt like it wasn't real." Believing he was still dreaming, Tilbury grabbed a .22-caliber rifle from his parents bedroom, returned to his room, and fired once at his forehead.

"Tilbury said he thought if he shot himself he would wake up from the bad dream," investigators were quoted as saying.

Still unable to "wake up," Tilbury attempted to clean up the bloody scene, bandaged himself up, and left the house. He came across a man and asked to be taken the hospital.

Tilbury insists he is not suicidal. "No, I just wanted to wake up from the bad nightmare," he told deputies. "I am happy and I love my life."