Live! with Kelly could soon be transforming into an extended Saturday Night Live skit in which the two flirtiest daytime talkshow hosts on the planet try to get through a single episode without stripping down and fucking one another right there on the soundstage in front of wildlife expert Peter Gros, if a pervasive Internet rumor is to be believed: Showbiz411 reports that SNL's Seth Meyers is the frontrunner to join the show this fall as Kelly Ripa's permanent cohost.

Meyers, who has guest co-hosted the program with Ripa before, is scheduled to begin a five-day hosting stint (which many are regarding as a "practice run" before his formal appointment) on Monday, July 9. Showbiz411 reports that a formal announcement will be made by September at the latest, and that the other, less likely candidates gunning for the spot are former New York Giant Michael Strahan and your aunt's favorite singer, Josh Groban.

Meyers seems like the best fit, if only because he has previously hosted numerous master-classes on the art of charming wealthy white women. (He has multiple appearances on The Martha Stewart Show under his belt.)

So what would this new job mean for his Weekend Update anchor post?

At Vulture, Margaret Lyons speculates that Meyers might be able to juggle that position with a daytime gig, though she adds that he'd likely have to give up his spot as head writer of SNL.

But wouldn't Meyers at midnight followed by Meyers in the morning feel a little like inviting your drunken hook-up to family breakfast every single day?

[Showbiz411 // Image via AP]