The hilariously undignified right wing conspiracy reaction to the news of that seventeen year old Georgia kid's public defection from the right wing conspiracy got me thinking: could the radical right's time-honored Tween Indoctrination traditions actually start to backfire? Because if so, here's a worthy nomination for the next big victim of "Krohn's Syndrome": Dorian "Libertarian Lolita" Gomberg a.k.a. Dorian Electra, who was "first introduced to the ideas of liberty in the ninth grade" and still purports to be "intimidated by the awesomeness" of her internship in the preeminent rap video production wing of the Koch Brothers reality denialism empire.

Now, where the conservative movement will probably never want for obnoxious junior Bible-thumping blowhards like Jonathan Krohn, Gomberg/Electra is the product of a much more delicate and nuanced decades-long project to make right wing ideology hipster-friendly. Her love affair with free markets began at the $16,000-a-year School of the Woods Montessori of Houston, Texas, producer of 66% of the recipients of 2009 Students for Liberty Foundations of Freedom Fellowships. (Montessori education has been infested with libertarians since Ayn Rand decided it was "the most promising educational method now available"-the Charlie's Angels of learning, if you will.)

"Roll With the Flow."

But while libertarianism has never had much of a problem attracting certifiably "hip" males, from Howard Stern to Gavin McInnes to…uhhh, Tommy Chong, it's had a considerably harder time with the ladies. Case in point: the least-cool person associated with the name Kennedy. So it represented genuine progress when this dumb movement landed upon Gomberg/Electra, who while not exactly M.I.A. is clearly just one Dov Charney photo shoot away from whatever constitutes the Vice internship of now. Here, she does a decent job commemorating the 2nd Amendment whilst maintaining the essential toneless apathy of the suburban 17-year-old cool girl.

But then came her debut as the movement's official chanteuse, the embarrassing-to-watch I'm in Love with Friedrich Hayek of 2010, in which we are basically meant to believe that a long-dead unabashed propagandist who loved Pinochet/hated workers/had sex with his cousin can actually be seen as some sort of sex symbol. Perhaps encouraged by the 125,000 views the effort drew in with the coordinated gushing of libertarian bloggers like Wal-Mart deifier Steven Horowitz:

The more important thing, though, is that when Pete, Dave and I were in grad school (aside from the fact that smart, talented, committed, and beautiful libertarian women were nearly non-existent), I don't think we ever could have imagined that 25 years later we'd live in a world where Hayek raps and love songs were part of the cultural and intellectual mix.

Gomberg/Electra followed up last year with a much more elaborately produced dis track to John Maynard Keynes-whom she portrays as a lecherous creep attempting to seduce/micromanage her?-and a (Ke$ha-inspired?) "supply and demand anthem" WE GOT IT 4 CHEAP that is just…ughhh.

On balance I usually find slickly-produced hip-hop videos the least offensive form of oligarch-financed historical revisionism; for instance, this wholly mendacious Mercatus Center production portraying Ben Bernanke as the consummate Keynesian is actually really awesome. But the obscene case of ideological pedophilia that is the career of laissez-faire propagandist-and future agribusiness shill?-Dorian Gomberg/Electra, is just gross.

Dorian babe, get thee to a deprogrammer. Here's a search term to start with: "keynes gay."