A week ago, YouTuber bard55 uploaded a video of himself singing the Seal classic "Kiss from a Rose" to his cat while writhing around on the floor in his house. "I was drunk," he writes in the video's description. "Please don't sure me."

After some prodding from the YouTube community to provide some more context, bard55 relented:

I'll break down to you exactly what happened, a play-by-play account. I came home, unbelievably intoxicated, I mean beyond drunk. I couldn't even, let's say, upload a video to Youtube. Then I walked upstairs and spotted in the hallway a video camera atop a tripod, pointed toward the floor. I had no choice. The only viable move was for me to start singing Kiss From a Rose to my cat, who I am very clearly abusing physically. That's the basic gist of it, hope I managed to clear things up a bit.

Not really, no.