America's cousin who seems nice enough but your mom still doesn't want you to hang out with him so much, Matthew McConaughey, announced on Twitter Wednesday that he and wife Camila Alves are expecting their third child. He also took the opportunity to shill for a totally chill nonsense company he invented.

"Just keep livin'" is a line delivered by McConaughey's character David Wooderson in the 1993 comedy Dazed and Confused. Now Matthew McConaughey is determined to transform it into a mantra for those who found the draconian commandments of the "Eat, Pray, Love" doctrine too stringent.

According to the "About j.k. livin" section of Matthew McConaughey's official j.k. livin merchandizing website, the actor was "overtaken" by the phrase while filming Dazed and Confused and soon found his life utterly changed by it.

As life continued forward, [McConaughey] found that the j.k. livin approach to each day helped him navigate through the good times and bad, stay true to his ideals along the way and make the best out of this adventure we call life.

For those concerned that j.k.. livin is a rulebook, it's not a rulebook, it's a lifestyle.

j.k. livin is not a rulebook, it's a lifestyle. Because everyone can apply it differently, we decided to start the j.k. livin family so you too, can apply j.k. livin to your own life, in your own way.

If you would like to celebrate the impending birth of McConaughey's third child while simultaneously reminding yourself to k. livin, you might consider purchasing this "iconic rasta pop" t-shirt featuring a silhouette of McConaughey's late father, screenprinted in a resplendent green, yellow, and red "color tribute to the lost continent of Africa."

The item description notes that the collar, sleeves, and bottom hem of this garment have been "VERY DISTRESSED" [emphasis original].

You don't have to be, though.

J.k. livin.

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