The first trailer for Tom Cruise's next action flick Jack Reacher is about what you'd expect: lots of running and shooting and driving. But it comes in the middle of Cruise's very public divorce from Katie Holmes — and the allegations that Scientology has played a significant role.

There's a question of whether or not Cruise can ever get back in Hollywood's good graces. But his Scientologist beliefs, however wacky, aren't new developments. And while Holmes' allegations (at least, insofar as TMZ's anonymous sources can be trusted) may make the contentious religion look that much creepier, it's not as though we were planning to embrace Scientology any time soon.

Besides, Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol was a huge hit. It's unlikely Jack Reacher will climb to those $690-million heights, but it looks like an entertaining enough diversion to ignore the whole cult thing.