Those of you who worried you'd have to wait for your lives to be over before a Dawson's Creek reunion happened have Tom Cruise to blame.

At least, that's what Us Weekly alleges in its latest issue: when Katie Holmes was approached to do a reunion of the teen drama that made her (kind of) famous, Cruise said no.

Holmes, on the other hand, was totally on board. "I had so much fun working on that show and I loved everyone so much and I think about it with such fond memories," she told Good Morning America in November last year.

But according to Us Weekly's unnamed source, Cruise wouldn't let go of the reins.

[Producers] were begging her to sign on for a reunion movie. Tom said absolutely no way and thought going backward would be bad.

Also, he was jealous of the undeniable chemistry between Holmes and her Dawson's Creek co-star James Van Der Beek. (Implied.) (CORRECTION: Holmes and co-star Joshua Jackson were an actual couple, and no one else thinks The Beek is charming, apparently.)

No word yet on whether the newly single Holmes will jump into the project, but it may be too late now. Who knows, though. Holmes' career is wide open, now that she's — obligatory Joey Potter reference — on her own.

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