Have you heard Justin Bieber's new single, "As Long As You Love Me?" If you haven't yet, you will: Again and again until the only way to seperate its syrupy resin from your brain is a partial lobotomy. Justin Bieber fans have launched a stunningly well-orchestrated campaign to make sure Justin Bieber is the only song played on the radio this summer.

Next to Middle East dissidents, Beliebers are the most effective online organizers on the planet. Each time Justin Bieber has some new thing to sell, millions of girls and young women mobilize on Twitter, Tumblr, Livejournal and Facebook to ensure its commercial and cultural success. With the release last month of Justin's new album Believe, Beliebers have geared up again, with the experience of years of Bieber worship under their chunky H&M belts. (We embedded with a Belieber "Buyout" last year, where girls rampaged through Manhattan buying every Justin Bieber album in site.)

No longer content with simply making their idols' name trend on Twitter (and having been stymied by repeated reformulations of Twitter's algorithm to keep Bieber from trending 24/7) Beliebers are adopting new strategies of online promotion that rival a professional PR shop. One of the more impressive is the campaign to flood requests for Justin Bieber's new single, the dubstep-tinged anthem "As Long As You Love Me," into every radio station in order to boost its position in the charts.

The Bieber fan Livejournal Dr. Bieber has spearheaded the campaign, compiling a massive database of contact information for hundreds of radio stations in the U.S. and abroad, along with instructions on how to most effectively request the song. It's prefaced with this call to arms: "GOAL: to get Justin... to a top spot on the Billboard sales charts"

"Figure out your local stations," advises the document. "If you're in a large state, you'll already have a list of 6 or so. If you're in a smaller state, give yourself the group of 3-ish states closest to where you live (ex: i'm in seattle, so i'll be harassing washington, oregon, and idaho)."

Another tip: Use a browser plugin that allows you to autofill online request forms, and blast through Mediabase, a centralized online request system used by hundreds of radio stations.

The request database was first posted back in February to push Justin Bieber's earlier single, "Boyfriend." It worked: "Boyfriend" had more radio plays in its debut week than any other single by a male artist in the Billboard pop chart's history. This past weekend, Justin Bieber posted Dr. Bieber's database to the 44 million followers of his Facebook page and tweeted it to his 24 million Twitter followers. Now it's shooting around the Biebersphere on Twitter and Tumblr.

You may as well just memorize the lyrics to "As Long As You Love Me" now.

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