It's been a mere four days since Katie Holmes filed for divorce, ending her five-year marriage to Tom Cruise, and it's already shaping up to be one of the messiest, most mysterious divorces Hollywood has seen in a while. Amid Katie's attempt to gain full custody of Suri, rumors that Scientology is to blame for the split, and claims that members of the church are following her, Katie Holmes has now fired her entire security team. They were allegedly, "too close to Tom."

According to TMZ, the depressing arbiter of round-the-clock TomKat chaos, Katie fired a bodyguard and a driver who had worked for Tom years before they were together. After the couch-jump, etc., Tom assigned them to work exclusively for Katie full-time.

Since filing for divorce on Thursday, Katie has not appeared with either and has instead surrounded herself with a new six-member staff of behemoths. She supposedly doesn't trust anyone working for Tom and won't communicate with anyone who does.

And thus, a family's sad, weird, bummer of a world gets sadder and weirder still. Has Katie turned scared and paranoid, or are Tom and his posse of Scientology thugs actually threatening her? Probably a little of both.

[TMZ, image via Getty]