Footage of a May 20th incident involving a rampaging "naked ninja" wreaking havoc in the streets of downtown Indianapolis was recently uploaded to LiveLeak and YouTube.

Cops were called to the scene of a clothes-less man yelling at cars and throwing punches at passers-by near Delaware Street and Massachusetts Avenue. They arrived to find 27-year-old David Martin charging at bystanders, and deployed a stun gun out of concern for their own safety.

Martin, who later revealed that he was high on synthetic cannabis (AKA Spice) at the time, was not slowed down by the tasering, and had to be physically subdued.

One officer was injured during the arrest and another sustained several punches to the face. Martin was charged with public indecency, resisting arrest, and battery.

Indiana's governor last month signed a law banning the sale of Spice and other synthetic drugs throughout the state. The law went into effect yesterday.

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