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Last night's BET Awards featured a 20+ minute extravaganza tribute to Whitney Houston that included Mariah Carey talking about herself (...and Whitney), Monica blowing the doors off the place with a cover of "I Love the Lord" (from The Preacher's Wife) and Chaka Khan reclaiming the song that Whitney once made her own, "I'm Every Woman."

The emotional high point was Whitney's mother Cissy's rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Water." It was a very reaction-heavy segment, led by about 10 seconds of Soulja Boy crying. I always knew there was a sensitive soul cranking deep inside of him. We then checked in with a pensive, inside-crying Kanye and, best of all, Beyoncé, whose single tear trickle down as the camera was on her face may count as the greatest choreography of a highly choreographed career. It must feel like crazy pressure to have to emote when an awards-show camera turns your way, and these three in their own distinct ways, delivered. Bravo on the emotional displays, all.