Last month, the 6,200 residents of Bethel, Alaska, got their collective hopes up after news spread that a Taco Bell restaurant was opening in town.

Dining options are somewhat limited in Bethel: According to the Associated Press, most of the city's "dozen or so" restaurants share a similar menu, and the only fast food establishment within a 400 mile radius is one lone Subway.

That's why when flyers went up announcing the imminent arrival of a Taco Bell, they were greeted with much jubilation.

Sadly, it was soon revealed that the bulletin was just a hoax cooked up by a resident as part of an ongoing feud with another resident. The unnamed prankster put his foe's phone number on the flyer, and told people to call about positions at the restaurant.

When word got back to Taco Bell, executives arranged to fly ingredients for 10,000 Doritos Locos Tacos from Anchorage to Bethel.

The food was given away for free yesterday at the city's cultural center. According to local reports, most of Bethel attended "Taco Bell fest," with many going back for seconds, thirds, and fourths.

"You could take two if you wanted, then get back in line and take two more as many times as you wanted," said former mayor Hugh Dyment. He noted that the event had been filmed, most likely for use in Taco Bell promotional material, but said he didn't mind because his family had a good time.

[photo via @TacoBell]