Anyone on Barack Obama's mailing list knows that the campaign hasn't been shy about asking for donations — and for good reason. The President is in serious danger of being outspent by opponent Mitt Romney, and that could have serious consequences in the November election.

Yesterday, Obama made a conference call from Air Force One to explain the situation to his supporters. The gist of it: send more money, and fast.

I'm asking you to meet or exceed what you did in 2008. Because we're going to have to deal with these super PACs in a serious way. And if we don't, frankly I think the political [scene] is going to be changed permanently. Because the special interests that are financing my opponent's campaign are just going to consolidate themselves. They're gonna run Congress and the White House.

The 18-minute call was shared with the Daily Beast by a campaign supporter. It reflects anxiety, as the Daily Beast notes, but it's also an honest assessment of the campaign's financial state.

Obama made the conference call from a special phone on Air Force One that is reserved for political phone calls. The President was on his way back to Washington D.C. from Colorado, where he he got a closer look at the wildfires.

During the call, Obama also acknowledged the disappointment some of his supporters may feel with his first term, while still reminding them of the positive strides his presidency has taken.

In 2008 everything was new and exciting about our campaign. And now I'm the incumbent president. I've got gray hair. People have seen disappointment because folks had a vision of change happening immediately. And it turns out change is hard, especially when you've got an obstructionist Republican Congress. ... Nevertheless, we've gotten more done in the last three years than most presidents do in eight years … I just hope you guys haven't become disillusioned.

Surely not so disillusioned that a conference call with the President is no longer exciting. But who knows if that thrill translates to writing a bigger check.

[Image via AP]