No matter how terrible the Colorado fires sound, a firsthand account is even more harrowing.

When she realized she had to leave her home, Nicole Frye decided to film herself evacuating Colorado Springs. She was fleeing the nearby Waldo Canyon Fire.

In the video, Frye recounts the devastation through tears. It's not the clearest account, but it does capture the chaos of the moment.

Yes, I know, I sound devastated and maybe a little crazy, but this is raw footage. This is also how every one of my neighbors felt that day. Unfortunately, my home and my grandmother's home have been destroyed from this fire.

Naturally, several YouTube commenters have criticized Frye for not doing a better job of filming while narrating and driving and evacuating her home of 18 years. Shame on her, really.

As of this morning, the Waldo Canyon Fire has been 30 percent contained.