Perhaps it was frustration at not being in a theater screening Magic Mike — or horror at how strongly we react when our toys are taken away — but the internet did not handle it well when Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest all went down last night.

For indoor kids, Netflix and Pinterest are particularly useful to passing the time on those quiet Friday nights, as evidenced by the number of irate tweets both companies received. Instagram users may find they have more to photograph when they're out of the house, but response to the outage was still livid — and indeed, what's the point of going out if you can't document it with an "artsy" filter?

While Netflix and Pinterest came back to us last night — and oh, how we ran to embrace them — Instagram is still pulling a deadbeat dad. If you don't Instagram your Saturday brunch, is it even worth the empty calories?

The outage occurred last night at 11:21 p.m. EST when Amazon's Compute Cloud in North Virginia went down during violent thunder storms. The temporary outage of even one of these sites has the potential to cause mass hysteria, but last night's freak-out was exceptionally strong.

In addition to a slew of "this is the apocalypse" tweets — which we can interpret were written with some level of irony — there was an awful lot of misdirected anger. Surely the storm gods were to blame, and not the helpless individuals at Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest.

But few of us are that rational in moments of panic. @NigglyPie wrote, "OMFG NETFLIX YOU FUCK-SHIT I WAS WATCHING MY NAME IS EARL FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU." @emmwalt was equally distressed, if not as caps lock-reliant: "Wow pinterest fuck you too. I just want to look at cool stuff and you won't let me #NOTcool"

As for the lingering Instagram outage, users have taken to pointing their fingers at others, including Mark Zuckerberg ("you're fucking up") and Android users ("dont u all know ur picture quality sucks too"). But all the scapegoating in the world can't bring Instagram back any faster. And brunch looms on the horizon.

[Image via Twitter]