Something Awful goons David Thorpe and Jon Hendren have come up with what is quite possibly their most uproarious troll to date: With the help of fellow Internet funmakers, the shenaniganeers have devised a foolproof plan to send hip hop artist-cum-shilling machine Pitbull to a Walmart on "the frozen Alaskan island of Kodiak."

As part of a promotional stunt for Sheets-brand Energy Strips, Pitbull will visit whichever Walmart receives the most likes on Facebook by July 15th. "I'm excited to find out which local Walmart store has the most new likes so I can share the experience of using Energy Sheets® with my fans," Pitbull said in a press release.

He might be feeling a little less enthused about the whole thing once he learns that Thorpe and Hendren have incited thousands of Facebook users to like the official page of Walmart Kodiak — the most remote Walmart in America.

Indeed, at the time of writing, the store's fan page already has more likes than the entire population of Kodiak, and is fast on its way to becoming "the most-liked local walmart store in the world."

Asked why he hates Pitbull so much, Thorpe responds: "I don't hate Pitbull, I think he'll have a wonderful time in Alaska."

An Alaskan Redditor who's shopped at Walmart Kodiak confirms that Pitbull is in for a treat. "It's not a regular sized Walmart," says bastion72, " it's about half the size and sells all sorts of strange stuff. Bear repellant, snow shoes, hunting gear etc."

You can follow the operation as it unfolds through the Twitter hashtag #ExilePitbull.

[image via Facebook]