Tough week: Girls ended, the heat wave raged on, and the articles on this site continue to be penned by racists with no lives. Below is the best of the mail we received this week, so thanks for all the tips and information (especially about your sex lives), everyone.

This is not an appropriate response to Girls

You're really a self-hating white liberal of the highest order. The fact that liberals feel the need to cast blacks in savior roles speaks more to their own insecurity about racial equality than anything else. Why the patronizing flattery to the black community? Slave owners used to patronize in this way, giving slaves names from greek mythology like Jupiter and Zeus. Blacks don't need you to fret over them. They also don't need you to come to their rescue, screaming "racism" at every non-deference to blacks. The opposite of racism is NOT obsessive obsequiousness to blacks. When are you liberals going to get that through your heads?



Ok, ok, we get it—you're a sex-crazed bigot

"Everyone, quickly, strip down and take a look at your naked body. Is it covered with thick fur? No, it is not."

Um, THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST disagrees with you. I have had the pleasure of having intercourse with hairy men of Arab Christian, Arab Muslim, Persian Jewish, and Israeli Jewish origins. They are hairy; they have thick fur.


From Hamilton:
I guess I haven't fucked enough hairy men.

With your ghastly face, I'm surprised you've fucked anyone. You're one of those "ugly gays" I keep hearing about.

Thanks for the tip

Get a life you Fucking Maggot