Earlier this year, we sent letters to all U.S. death row inmates with execution dates in the near future. Today, we hear from Harry Mitts, who was convicted of murdering two men, including a police sergeant, in 1994. Mitts is scheduled to be executed September 25, 2013.

Mitts' letter was written on the reverse side of my letter to him. I have inserted the questions he is answering, for clarity. Click to enlarge the image of his letter.


Dear Hamilton,

Answering your questions in numbered order:

[Q: What do you think the chances are of your execution actually occurring as scheduled? Do you have any good legal options left to postpone or cancel your execution?]
1) I am a Christian and I look forward to being executed for the crimes I committed, good Lord willing and the creek don't rise! (2 Cor. 5:8) :)
*See the 7th Day Adventist publication, "Signs Of The Times," May 2012, pgs 11-14, for my published testimony, "From Death Row to Life Row." The man on page 11 is not me— editor said he is a stock photo! :)

[Q: Can you describe what your daily life is like on Death Row? What is your daily routine? How do you occupy your time? Do you have a particular fitness routine, dining schedule, etc?]
2) I spent 42 years on the outside (no arrests— not even a speeding or parking ticket— lucky huh? :)) and 18 on death row. Death row has moved to 4 different prisons in that time— Lucasville, Mansfield, OSP in Youngstown, and now here at Chillicothe. Scenery and guards change, but the basic normal daily routine remains the same— boring! :)
My fitness routine— I'm 6'5- 250#- have had 4 back operations— 2 in New York (4 minutes clinically dead after my second operation at Doctor's Hospital- SI NY) and 2 in Ohio. Got shot (broken foot) in my left leg and have "drop foot" in my right leg (foot)— just turned 60 years old— do 200 sit ups a day— "sit up" to adjust my pillow, sit up to grab a sandwich! :) I have Dunlap Disease! My belly has done lapped over my belt! :)

[Q: Can you tell me a bit about your own past, and how you grew up?]
3) *See item #1!

[Q: Has your time in jail changed your political or religious beliefs in any way? How?]
4) Political? No! I still don't vote! :)
*Religious? Yes! See item #1! :)

[Q: Do you have any thoughts on the way the news media in this country covers the death penalty and executions? Do you, as an inmate, get any sense of how the outside world sees the issue?]
5) I think the public is more concerned about the war in Afghanistan, jobs, where to live, food to eat, etc. DP issue takes a back seat!

[Q: Do you think it would be good for executions to get more public attention?]
6) No! Definitely slanted towards the ratings! Truth is rarely broadcast.

[Q: What would you like to say to casual readers out in the world about your life, your situation, and what you think it means about our country?]
7) Don't mix booze and hand guns! Like the old 1950's tune says, "I fought the law and the law won!"

Any other questions? Ask away! Until next time...
Harry- :)
Formerly "Dirty Harry"

If you have additional questions for Harry Mitts, leave them in the comments and we will include them in a future letter to him.

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[Image by Jim Cooke]