Shauna Bass is the entertainment director and former East Coast news editor at OK! Magazine. She frequently makes media appearances as an expert on reality TV. Last week, Simba, her pet Pomeranian, passed away. Sad. But Shauna's pain has been soothed by more than $5,000 in donations—most of it from people who have a professional obligation to get into OK! Magazine.

After Simba's death, Shauna's sister set up the "Simba Bass Memorial Fund," soliciting donations on Shauna's behalf. The pitch reads in part:

As soon as Simba became ill, Shauna rushed him to the animal hospital The veterinarians tried their absolute best to save Simba's life, using a variety of medical procedures to save Simba. Although the doctors were unsuccessful, the medical procedures were fairly expensive.

In lieu of flowers, cards, candies or gifts, I am asking all of the people who know and love Shauna and Simba to donate to the Simba Bass Memorial Fund to help defray the significant medical costs for which Shauna is now responsible.

Any left over donations will also be put towards the costs of buying a new dog. While Simba is irreplaceable, a new dog will comfort her during this sad time, and eventually, help her to move on.

By donating to this fund, you are not just materially supporting Shauna and relieving her of some of the worries she has regarding these medical bills. When the time comes for her to bring home a new animal, that dog will be an extension of your love for her.

Shauna Bass herself promoted this fundraising campaign for herself on Twitter and Facebook. And it worked pretty well: so far, she's raised $5,125. How much of that will go towards purchasing an extension of your love for her is unclear.

Among the public list of donors to the Simba Bass Memorial Fund: Yvette Masterson (PR person), Stacey Wechsler (PR person), Brad Woodgate (head of entertainment company), Cassie Lambert (TV producer), Molly Schoneveld (PR person), Sigalit Flicker (celebrity matchmaker), Courtney Routt Worthman (PR person), Melissa Palmieri (PR person), Jane Negline (PR person), EFG PR (PR firm), Scout Masterson (TV personality), and Alison Brod (PR person).

People who work in the media are generally discouraged from accepting thousands of dollars in cash from the people they cover and their representatives. No matter how sad the circumstances they may be facing. Of course, this is OK! Magazine. Still.

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