Congratulations 2012 MFA graduates. Kim Kardashian's little sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner (aged 16 & 14 respectively) announced via E! News Thursday they are writing a book for young adults, to be released next summer.

E! reports that the science fiction novel will be set 200 years in the future, a not-so-far-off time when 60 percent of Americans will be able to trace their lineage back to a member of the sprawling Kardashian-Jenner clan. It will be about two sisters. It will be "really cool."

In an interview with the channel that has given them so much, the girls explained their inspiration for the book: a movie that does not exist.

"We were saying, ‘If we were to do a movie, like, what would we wanna do?'"

"Like, if we were to be in it, like, what movie would we wanna be in?"

That very night they were saying that, Kendall and Kylie went home and typed up "like three pages of notes that we talked about in the car" and sent them to their one of their managers, plural.

And now those notes are a book.

Congratulations everybody.

[E! News // Image via AP]