Less than a day after filmmaker Dean Peterson's short doc about the mischievous subway stair at the 36th Street station gained viral status, the MTA has put an end to the voyeuristic schadenfreude by bringing in a repair crew.

Reader Vallen L. sent us a photo of men at work outside the Brooklyn stop asking, "Could it be?! Did that video you shared yesterday push the city to fix the stair??" It seems so: NBC New York is reporting that MTA crews were sent down yesterday "to block off the staircase in preparation for repairs."

Peterson's video gained over 300,000 views in less than 12 hours after it reached the front page of Reddit. Speaking with NBC, he said he was inspired to film the stumbling step trip up subway patrons because he too fell victim to its menace.

"My girlfriend and I would walk up all the time, and we would always trip," Peterson said. "We just thought we were kind of klutzy. But then I kind of noticed that other people were doing it, too."

[thanks for the tip, Vallen!]