Two of the world's top human beings, Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham, found themselves at the crux of an Internet rumor Thursday. It seems people have decided that these ladies, both of whom like (and are frequently spotted wearing) clothing, are collaborating on a new celebrity fashion line.

While some might interpret the total lack of evidence of such a collaboration as an indication it is not happening, the Internet has taken that to mean that the collaboration is happening in secret.

A Manhattan Project Runway.

Unfortunately, now that the Internet has ruled Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham were working together, it is faced with the daunting task of establishing how and huh and why.

"The big question is: Why?" says The Hollywood Reporter.

"Why? Because it would be amazing," says

"Grazia Daily finds it hard to imagine these two pairing up" says Grazia Daily, out loud, to itself, like a crazy person.

The source of the rumor appears to be the website Entertainment Wise, which posted a blurb on Monday declaring vaguely:

"Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker are reportedly said to be joining forces in fashion as the pair have been in secret talks about creating a one-off joint fashion line for women ages 20-50."

It's not clear why the Internet, in its complete fabrication of this story, has established the arbitrary giant age bracket of 20-50. Why not 10-60? 0 – 70? Babies dressing like babysitters dressing like moms dressing like grandmas. Women empowering women through fashion. Everyone with very toned arms.

Now that Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker's big fashion secret is out, perhaps someone will apprise them of both of the situation and the Internet will actually receive the clothing line it invented but was not expecting.

Though it doesn't seem like these women know one another particularly well or have any reason to work together.

[Entertainment Wise via The Hollywood Reporter // Images via Getty]