Screenwriter Nora Ephron seems to have passed away, according to this uncomfortably indeterminate column by her friend Liz Smith that just appeared on the internet. Her former close friend Margo Howard also writes on Twitter that Ephron passed away from cancer, and that a funeral is scheduled for Thursday. [Update: We're told it has now been pushed back until after the Fourth of July.] According to the Observer, Ephron's representatives are not commenting on Smith's column.

UPDATE: Ephron's publisher, Knopf, tells the New York Times that the screenwriter is still alive. We'll update with more information as we have it.

SECOND UPDATE: It seems that Liz Smith's obituary may have been premature. According to Newsweek/Daily Beast entertainment reporter Maria Elena Fernandez, Ephron is still alive but "very sick" with cancer and "not expected to make it through the night." Her friends are telling TMZ the same thing.

THIRD UPDATE: The Washington Post has just confirmed that Ephron has died of complications from the blood disorder myelodysplasia. She was 71.

FOURTH UPDATE: Liz Smith's obituary was taken down from The screenshots are embedded below. Click to enlarge.