What will be the lasting legacy of gay marriage? A more just and equal society? Or all white people being forced onto reservations by the first American Indian president? If you ask Patricia Weber, "La Jolla resident since 1953," it's... the white deportation one.

Weber, who's previously predicted that there will be potholes on the streets of La Jolla in 2050 unless something is done, takes to the pages of the La Jolla Light to craft a gripping, pulse-pounding look at a future beyond anyone's control:

It is now the year 2065. Chester Allman has just returned from the Moon Colony and makes his way back to his family's home in California. He is met at the door by his 30-year-old grandson, Michael, and Michael's five wives. Chester is bewildered and asks Michael for an explanation.

His grandson explains, "Remember back in the early century when several states changed the definition of marriage? They changed the law by legalizing marriage between two men or two women. Our two-century old definition of marriage was tossed aside. The precedent opened an easy way to further change the definition of marriage, to allow union between one man and two wives, then one woman and two husbands, and after that all hell broke loose! Nobody keeps track anymore."

Noting his grandfather's horrified look, Michael continues, "Why did you guys change things in the first place? Don't you see what damage you did? You should have kept it the way it was!"

"I can't believe all this is happening," Chester says, "but I'm tired and hungry."

"Sorry, Grandpa," Michael replies, "but food is scarce because of the atomic bombing. We have only intravenous feeding at breakfast and lunch."

Chester sighs, "What does your President have to say about all this?"

"You aren't up on the news, are you? Haven't you heard that our President is an American Indian and has put all of us whites on reservations?"

Chester angers, swears and turns to leave. Michael reaches out to detain him. "Wait, Grandpa! Wait! Where are you going?"

Chester calls over his shoulder, "I'm going to catch the next shuttle back to the Moon!"

Do they not have phones on the Moon Colony?

[La Jolla Light via the word unheard]