A day late, but no shortness of likes for this surprising pro-pride promotion from Oreo-brand cookies.

In what is apparently the first in a series of 100 "current event" promos to be released in honor of Oreo's centennial celebrations, the Nabisco/Kraft-owned brand last night posted to its official Facebook page an image of a multi-layered rainbow-colored cookie accompanied by the word "Pride."

Though June 25th holds no immediate significance for the LGBT community — as Ad Week notes, June 24th would have been a much more logical choice — that didn't matter much to the tens of thousands who liked and shared the image on their own Facebook page.

Naturally, the gesture wasn't without its detractors. "Unliking page and the rest of the ‘kraft' family products...i will not support a company with these views," was one typical refrain. A helpful Redditor compiled a list of all the Kraft brands boycotters would be giving up if they went ahead with their shortsighted plan.

Good luck eating your steak without A1 Steak Sauce, homophobes.

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the color spectrum, a campaign has been launched to convince Nabisco to make the rainbow cookie a reality.

[image via Oreo]