I was in Italy for the last couple weeks, and I saw a lot of fine art. But it was all basically bullshit compared to the Fine Art of John McNaughton, painter and patriot, whose newest masterpiece "The Empowered Man" welcomes me home like a bald eagle with the head of the Statue of Liberty, whistling the solo from "Hotel California" and embracing me between its powerful, masculine wings.

UPenn Art History Professor Jim Newell has a preliminary reading at Wonkette ("Look at the defeated Obama, like, 'Bro, bro, that's my Constitution, chill for a sec.'") but why listen to some ginger hippie when you can get your explanation of the work — a sequel to the masterful "The Forgotten Man" — straight from the source: "I tried to capture different emotions on the faces of presidents from the past and present. If they are clapping in this painting, it is because they do not favor the welfare state and devaluation of our dollar."

[McNaughton Fine Art via Wonkette]