Attention Muslims of the world: Better get your Muslim-ing in ASAP because atheist users of Reddit have decided to "go after" your puny religion. Rest in peace, Islam. You had a good thousand-and-a-half-or-so years but you're no match for image macros and rage comics.

The atheism section of Reddit is a popular venue for insufferable non-believers to swap screenshots of the interminable Facebook comment flame wars they wage against their fundamentalist friends and Christian relatives. No religious-themed Facebook post will go un-commented on by these fearless logic warriors. But now Reddit's atheism brigade has turned the full brunt of its attention to Islam, after a user claiming to be an ex-Muslim asked for their help.

Finally, someone on the internet will criticize Islam!

Often these sorts of campaigns end up in a frantic fundraising drive, but it looks like the bus monitor lady has used up all the internet's money-raising mojo for the week. Instead, anti-Islam memes are flooding the front page of Reddit; Lolcats for people who sleep with a copy of God Is Not Great under their pillow. There's a "Scumbag Muslim" meme, and a "Most Interesting Mohammed" meme, and this cartoon about how Islam has been "raping children for 1400 years" that is like something your 75 year-old racist great uncle would forward to you in an email. In fact a lot of the memes that Reddit users have been voting to the front page in their supposedly witty "war" on Islam are predicated on the same gross stereotypes of Muslims as rampaging terrorist-rapists favored by the likes of the shithead Pastor Terry Jones. There's even a similar obsession with burning the Quran. (That last picture also happens to use a Hindu to represent a Muslim. But what the hell, they've all got turbans.)

Atheists on Reddit decrying a religion as the practice of intolerant douchebags is as ridiculous as... well, atheists on Reddit decrying a religion for treating women like shit.