CCTV footage from a gas station in the Melbourne suburb of Thomastown shows a blockheaded patron flicking his lighter near the pump, causing gas vapors to ignite and nearly torch his car.

Luckily, his dimwittedness was balanced out by a fast acting doctor who was filling his car up nearby. Dr. Hussei Zaini rushed to put out the flames with a bucket of water, preventing the fire from doing any further damage to the station.

"There could have been serious damage, so I decided to do something straight away, rather than waiting for the fire brigade," he told the Herald Sun.

A YouTuber points out that the firestarter'stupidity is compounded by the fact that, in his rush to leave the scene, he jumps over a fire extinguisher and runs right past the pump's emergency shut off button, which is clearly visible in the video.

[H/T: Geekologie]