Here is a picture of a man in an Elmo suit being carted away from Central Park Zoo in an ambulance yesterday. Visitors complained that he'd been wandering the park, screaming obscene anti-semitic rants.

Gothamist points out that Elmo has had a long history of terrorizing tourists in Central Park with anti-semitic rants, some of which which were thankfully captured on video. Our favorite is this video to the left, from April where Elmo's rant about how he works for John Gotti sends kids and parents scattering, before he is confronted by a magician in a heart-patterned overcoat.

This is what Sesame Street would be like if it happened in the real New York City, instead of some miniature wonderland of Love and Acceptance. Elmo's a ranting lunatic, Big Bird gets gassed by Animal Control for being a flight risk to passenger jets approaching JFK, and the billionaire mayor Count von Count sadistically announces at a press conference that he's banning the sale of sugary drinks over 14 ounces… 15 ounces… 16 ounces!

[Image via Kathleen_Loftus/Twitter]