Lending further credence to the maxim that everybody's a DJ now, Paris Hilton kicked off her highly unanticipated world DJing tour in Brazil over the weekend, playing an hour-long set for a potentially coerced audience in Sao Paulo.

It's hard to judge Hilton's mixing skills since, as NME puts it, "she didn't actually appear to be doing too much by way of mixing."

Instead, the socialite-cum-sex-tape-star-cum-self-styled-chanteuse-cum-reality-show-washout did little more than cacophonously jury-rig two songs together while making nightclub-ish hand gestures in her Swarovski-studded couture and matching headset.

My theory? Hilton is getting back at Afrojack for (allegedly) dumping her by proving to him that "anyone can do it." Seems to me like a lot of work for naught: DJ Pauly D's Vegas residency already proved her point for her.

[videos via Don't Skip]