Appearing on the Today Show for the second time in as many working days, the elderly bus monitor who last week fell victim to the cruel taunts of middle school children from upstate New York finally opened up on her plans for the nearly $650,000 that have been raised so far through, ostensibly to send her on the "vacation of a lifetime."

Speaking with Ann Curry, 68-year-old Karen Klein said she plans to invest some of the money — which could well surpass a million dollars by the end of the fund's 30-day run. She also intends to donate some to charity, though would not elaborate.

The grandmother of eight would also like to share her windfall with her children and their children. "They need cars, they need, they need, they need - it never ends," she said.

Klein, who initially said she would not resign despite the incident, has since changed her mind, saying there is a possibility she will not return in the fall.

She told Curry she hopes to meet with the children who verbally assaulted her — "eventually, not right away" — to get "an apology and an explanation." Though two of the children involved have penned apologies to Klein, she rejected them both, saying they were not sincere.

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