A 17-year-old California kid got his arm stuck inside a vending machine while attempting to lift a soda can through the receiving slot.

National City emergency services were alerted to the situation by a passer by, who spotted the trapped teen near the 24th Street trolley station early Saturday morning.

"Initially, we thought if we could get a hold of somebody to come out that had a key that we would be able to open up the door and access the machine and do very little damage, but nobody had the key," said National City Fire Department rep Michael Lafreniere.

After determining that he wasn't merely holding on to the can, firefighters were ultimately forced to cut open the lock using a rotary saw, freeing the teen from his soda shackle. The entire rescue effort took about an hour.

After he was treated at the scene for some scrapes and soreness, police took the teen into custody. He now faces petty theft charges, as well as financial charges for emergency services rendered and property damage.

[screengrab via 10News]