Even if he secures the Democratic nomination in Tuesday's primary, 1st District House candidate Ryan Combe knows getting voters in the dark-red state of Utah to send him to Washington will not come easy.

That's probably why he's decided to go for broke with a true-blue ad featuring a young man from a "proud Republican home" who finally gathers up the courage to come out to his parents — as a Democrat.

From the video's description:

As Utah Democrats, there is a unique experience that many of us go through. There are times that being a Democrat is looked at as being a member of a secret society. However, I firmly believe that if more Utahns looked at the Democratic platform with an open mind they would find that many of their values are found within. Welcome, to the Democratic Party!

Okay, so he's pretty much made it impossible to play the bipartisan card, but what the Hell: There comes a time in your life when just have to be honest about who you are.

[Politico via Towleroad]