Following the recent proliferation of zombie-related news stories, it appears America has now moved on to attacks by other fantastical characters.

KOMO-TV reports that, early last Saturday morning, Seattle police arrived at the scene of a bar fight that left one man covered in blood and screaming in pain, his head held in his hands.

When officers asked the man who had attacked him, he responded:

"It was a bunch of leprechauns."

Typically, leprechauns are not seen outside of the weeks before and after St. Patrick's Day, March 17. The fact that these leprechauns were spotted in June, and so far from their native Ireland, suggests that perhaps they are rabid or otherwise deranged.

The victim claims the leprechauns in question were angry at him for dancing with a woman (possibly a banshee?) at the bar. One of them one was reportedly wearing "a white tank top."

A witness on the scene told cops that a group of men was responsible for the attack, which is exactly what the bleeding man said, so thank you, redundant witness.

The man was taken to a local hospital and treated for injuries.

The leprechauns have yet to be apprehended.

Be vigilant all ye travelers.

[KOMO-TV via CBS // Image via Attila JANDI for Shutterstock]