43-year-old William Abreu, the assistant principal over at Progress HS for Professional Careers in Bushwick, has some career advice for female students seeking summer employment: Suck. My Balls.

Abreu allegedly told one 15-year-old student:

Would you suck my balls for me? That's the things [sic] you have to do to succeed...You have to come to work looking sexy, so I can see how pretty you are.

The comments prompted a year-long investigation into Abreu's performance, after which investigators concluded that he sexually harassed at least three female students. After inviting the women into his office under the pretense of offering some friendly adminstrator-student guidance, Abreu would instead "test their willingness to perform sexual favors."

In addition to the charming balls comment, Abreu told a different female student that she could stay a virgin by having only anal sex. All balls and butt stuff with this maniac.

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