This is a new series that names people who are not publicly gay, but have been shackled by rumors throughout their careers which warrant further discussion. The evidence provided has been gleaned from various Gawker sources enamored with this sort of outing process. If you have any evidence proving their gayness or their heterosexuality, please share it in the discussion system. Hooray.

Hearsay evidence of gayness:

  • "He looked at my friend in a gay way," says homosexual source (friend had "no comment").
  • "Last year, it was reported that Trey, who is allegedly versatile, which means he is a bottom and a top, dated R&B singer Brandon Hines." Oh and Trey and Will Smith probably did gay stuff together, too, this article says. Holla.
  • Once responded to a question asking who the "hottest models in the game" were by saying, "female?"
  • Lots of shirtless photos. "Looks gay," says heterosexual source.