Taking an ostensibly candid approach toward honesty, McDonald's Canada responded to a customer's question about the difference between store-bought burgers and "dressed-up" ad burgers with an advertorial "self-exposé" featuring an under-the-hood look at a McDonald's photo shoot.

Though the company claims the hamburgers used in ad campaigns are entirely composed of the same ingredients used to prepare the ones found in their restaurants, McDonald's Canada Director of Marketing Hope Bagozzi conveniently neglects to mention that only carefully selected samples are employed in the preparation of the model sandwich (see far the less polished food ad tricks video to the left for more on that).

The same likely cannot be said for the store-bought one.

It's interesting to note that, while McDonald's Canada might want to portray itself as having nothing to hide, it still saw fit to disable comments on the video. I guess its capacity for honesty is limited to the kind it can control.

[PetaPixel via MeFi]