Bristol Palin's reality series Life's A Tripp premieres tonight on Lifetime (early reviews call it "dull" and "depressing," but note that her son is cute), and still, the public's ravenous appetite for observing the lesser members of the Palin family in reality television settings remains unsatisfied.

Hopefully not for much longer.

Enter: Todd.

NBC has just announced that Todd Palin will appear on a military-themed reality competition debuting on the network this August.

The program is called Stars Earn Stripes, though perhaps a more accurate name would be Stars and Todd Palin Earn Stripes.

The show will feature celebrities and Todd Palin performing challenges ("missions" in the generous parlance of Stars and Todd Palin Earn Stripes) inspired by military exercises.

Like Dancing with the Stars, every celebrity and Todd Palin will be partnered with a professional charged with the frustrating task of turning these stars into stars. (In this case, the experts will be veterans of the U.S. military or law enforcement agencies.) Also like Dancing with the Stars, the show will feature a Lachey – this time Nick in place of Drew.

Other competitors seeking to destroy Todd Palin include: boxer Laila Ali, Superman Dean Cain, and Olympic ski racer Picabo Street.

The program will be hosted by former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe (and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate) General Wesley Clark, who surely never imagined he would find himself making the following press statement:

"I am thrilled to join Stars Earn Stripes as host and look forward to watching the celebrity cast members test themselves as they step up to take on these tough challenges."

The stars and Todd Palin will be competing on behalf of charities.

Sarah Palin and Bethenny Frankel hung out and drank cocktails today.

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