Adidas has decided to shelve its release of the JS Roundhouse Mids — AKA the Shackle Shoes — after social network users slammed the sneakers for appearing to invoke slavery.

The company released a statement yesterday denying the suggesting that allusions to slavery were intentional, claiming the kicks were "nothing more than the designer Jeremy Scott's outrageous and unique take on fashion."

The shoes were introduced earlier this year to little fanfare. It wasn't until the design appeared on the Adidas Originals Facebook page last Thursday that criticism began pouring in.

"What is this, the slavery line?" inquired one user. Others took issue with the "glamorization" of criminal behavior: "Sorry but I'd rather not look like someone who just broke out of prison."

Today, Adidas released a follow-up statement saying it was "withdrawing plans to make them available in the marketplace."

Responding to the controversy, Scott claimed his work "has always been inspired by cartoons, toys & my childhood." He then linked to a New York Observer article noting the similarities between the Shackle Shoes and the "90s cartoon/toy sensation My Pet Monster."

[image via Huffington Post]